3 Websites for Creative Entrepreneurs

There was a time that creatives are mostly known to provide their services to business owners, often helping them in their marketing and advertising. However, this has changed as artists are now establishing their own businesses—putting creative entrepreneurs as one of the current key players in the business industry.

Whether you are selling handmade crafts and novelty items, advertising and marketing services, event styling skills, or illustrations on commission basis, you can’t afford to run out of inspirations on how to market your creative services. Below is a quick round up of the top 3 best websites for creative entrepreneurs.

1. Creative Entrepreneurs
A website dedicated for creative entrepreneurs all over the world, this aptly named website brings together resource and inspiration for creatives. Designed as a tool to help back artists bring their creative visions into reality, Creative Entrepreneurs feature resources on how to create business plans, tips on how to raise money, expert advice and mentoring opportunities, as well as tools regarding online marketing and social media. Users can also navigate the website according to their preferred industries such as advertising, architecture, arts and photography, craft, and design. Perfect for starting creatives, this website offers limitless information on how to start a business in the arts.

Website: http://creativeentrepreneurs.co

2. Red Pen
The perfect tool for getting feedback from your clients, Red Pen is interactive, real-time, and user-friendly. With a minimalist design, you can focus on your mock-ups or products and your clients can comment right away. Another great thing about this is that everyone n your team can see the comment live, providing immediate feedback that is invaluable in the creative business. Red Pen also features unlimited invites, unlimited collaborates, unlimited singles, and unlimited versions per project. The only thing that they charge for is the number of projects you want to run all at once—price starts at $20 a month for 5 projects up to $90 for 40 projects!

Website: https://redpen.io

3. Design School
The resource blog of Canva, a really cool online tool (you should totally check it out, by the way), Design School provides creative entrepreneurs with daily design articles, interactive tutorials, and tips and tricks for creatives out there. Some of the categories featured at the Design School are Banner Design, Design Trends, Social Media Marketing, Presentation Designs, Infographic Designs, Email Design, Flyer Designs, Design Resources, Creativity and Psychology, Color Theory, Typography, and of course Branding and Corporate Identity.
A treasure chest of creative advice and tools, the Branding and Corporate Identity section is perfect for creative entrepreneurs starting in the industry!

Website: https://designschool.canva.com

design school

Starting a business is never easy and the creative industry shifts its preference every now and then. But with the right resources and the proper tools, putting your creative visions into a profitable venture has never been easy.

With these websites specially geared towards creative entrepreneurs, it is now much easier to develop ideas and collaborate with people wherever they might be in the world. Furthermore, with websites like Etsy and Pinterest, you can make your works of art available for the public. You can even create your very own website and have a single home for your very own creative business!